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Ashley U27105 Boyington

Ashley U27105 Boyington

Item: U27105

Color: Gray 


Genuine leather typically covers inside areas such as the back, seat and arm cushions; skillfully matched faux leather covers the remaining areas

Due to its natural origin, real leather can show individual characteristics such as healed scars, growth marks, grain variation and shade variation


Power Recliner 

Size: 38.5" W x 40.75" D x 44.5" H

Weight: 177 lbs.

Cuft: 24.66


Power Sofa

Size: 86" W x 38.5" D x 44.5" H

Weight: 357 lbs.

Cuft: 55.33


Power Loveseat 

Size: 75" W x 40" D x 44.5" H

Weight: 322 lbs. 

Cuft: 46.54


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